misstexas caboblanco

The history that exists around Cabo Blanco in the 50’s fills everyone with mystery and wonder. This small fishing town is nowadays filled with nostalgia and one can sense the idea that the majestic days of the 50’s are just sleeping, waiting to happen once again. Inkaterra firmly believes this, and through a combination of hard work and scientific commitment, soon Cabo Blanco will have the importance in the fishing world that it once had.

Miss Texas is an essential key in this equation, she was one of the 4 boats of the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club and the one Hemingway fished from during his visit in 1956. She was also the boat Alfred C. Glassell Jr. used to catch the 1560lb world-record black marlin in 1953, a record that still stands today. After almost six decades of being lost, it will once again be offered to the public. Restored to her original form, she represents the possibility to enjoy a unique and historic fishing experience brought back from Cabo Blanco’s golden age.

This historic boat will soon be fully operational and receiving tourists from all over the world. Inkaterra will manage this operation and, with it’s over 35 years of experience, will provide the same level of luxury and service that has always characterized Inkaterra’s practices.

Tourists will be offered both all-inclusive packages and tailored-made trips to fit all preferences. Miss Texas will be based in Cabo Blanco’s port and while Inkaterra’s hotel operations are not running there, guests will be offered a series of options in the leading hotels of the area. All transport and details will be handled by Inkaterra, ensuring a seamless experience.

The restoration of Miss Texas represents, even more than an unparalleled touristic attraction in the northern coast of Peru, a milestone in the quest for the restoration of the richness of the sea. By bringing attention to the area, this project aims to point out the need of a Marine Protected Area, an initiative that Inkaterra is promoting and that would have a very beneficial effect on the region.

Inkaterra’s foundation is built on the idea that scientific research provides a basis not only for conservation but for the service industry as well, as the value created by research is shared by all the industries involved. This participative model is established on the involvement of local populations and works at their benefit as a mean for development.

Through offering a product as unique as Miss Texas, Inkaterra wishes to establish it’s commitment towards research and conservation in the Tropical Sea of Peru and invites others to join efforts.

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